Syncdocs 0.66.4878 英文可攜版

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Syncdocs 0.66.4878 英文可攜版

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詳細介紹:Syncdocs ~ 雙向同步與備份你的Google文件

What's new in Syncdocs 0.66.4878:
· Bypass Google bug causing deletes and moves to move docs to root folder
· Bypass Google bug causing duplicate files
· Free space menu contains a feature to remove any duplicates
· Improved free space menu, shows a lot more info about files and folders
· Tested support for uploads and downloads of files up to 10GB
· Uploads of large files support more robust resuming, should the network fail halfway through a long upload.
· Improvements when multiple PCs syncing concurrently
· Fixed Syncdocs bug where Google Renames and Deletions were not synced
· Syncdocs Ctrl-Alt-S popup hotkey disabled by default.
· MS Office files now do not convert to Google Docs by default at setup.
· Ability to make new Google project tasks from Syncdocs menu
· Fixed a bug causing unnecessary syncs
· Included shortcut in setup to run Syncdocs as Administrator for Dropbox users
· Possible fix for scheduled 24 hr time entry bug in some locales.
· Possible fix for SSL issues causing 413 errors on login.
· Possible fix for issue on Selective Sync where not all folders are shown

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文章: 5160
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Syncdocs 0.51.3129 英文安裝版

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What's new in Syncdocs 0.51.3129:
- A workaround for the current Google Server errors which cause duplicate files for some Syncdocs users.
This workaround won't remove files that are already duplicates, but will detect server errors and prevent new duplicates.

The workaround will slow down deletions a bit - you'll see "Processing local changes" showing for longer, but makes the sync more robust. When Google fixes the server bug, we'll remove the workaround.

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